When is it time to consider Assisted Living?

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We often have family visit us here at Manor on the Hill and can see immediately in their eyes the stress of caring for an elderly parent. Moving Mom or Dad from their long-time home can be unsettling, however, making that move is often in their best interest. 30 days after moving in, we see Residents gaining weight since they are being served three nutritious meals a day and their mood improves as they socialize with others in their new home.

Other than the stress caring for a senior presents, what are some other signs it may be time to consider Assisted Living?

  • Housework is being neglected
  • The senior doesn’t bathe regularly, often as they worried about safety in the tub or shower
  • Laundry isn’t being done and the same clothes are being worn day-after-day
  • Bills aren’t being paid timely
  • Medical care is needed more frequently, often with hospitalization
  • Your loved one feels isolated and bored, often leading to depression
  • Difficulty managing their medication
  • Increased falls and other accidents
  • Memory loss and forgotten appointments
  • Increased aggressive behavior

The generation your Mom and Dad belongs too often views an Assisted Living Community with their image of a Nursing Home from the 60s or 70s. This isn’t accurate as Nursing Homes are very different from that image and Assisted Living Communities are a relatively new concept. Assisted Living should be thought of as being comprised of three parts – real estate, hospitality and care.

The real estate is the apartment they rent, as well as the enjoyment of the communal living spaces such as the dining room, library, activity room, community kitchen and grounds. The hospitality consists of dining, activities, entertainment and trips to area stores, restaurants and cultural attractions. And the care component is assistance with the six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) – bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, mobility and eating.

After a family makes the decision to move Mom or Dad to Manor on the Hill, we often hear within the first month, “I wish I had done this sooner”. Call for a visit to see how we can help you and your senior parent.

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