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Happy thanksgiving everyone and a thank you to all of our associates working today! ... ”Expand””Hide”

3 weeks ago

Were looking forward to Saturday's vet brunch! If you haven't signed up yet don't forget to call the front desk. Bring in or email copies of pictures of your veteran family member! Your more then welcome to bring in medals or other things to share with the Manor community. ... ”Expand””Hide”

1 month ago

Friends and Family,
Join us Saturday morning November 11th at 10:00 for this years Veterans day brunch! If you have a family member living at the Manor bring in a picture or send us a photocopy of a picture of your loved one. If you have medals, souvenirs, or other objects of your family members time in the service and are willing to bring them and share in please do! If you have not done so already please sign up or call the front desk by Monday. We are looking forward to seeing you all there! More details to come.
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1 month ago

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