• Managing Caregiver Stress

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    Managing Caregiver Stress

    All too often I will be sitting with a Caregiver who is inquiring about our services at Manor on the Hill and I will comment, “you’re at your wits end, aren’t you?” The stress of caregiving is apparent in their face and eyes. Caregiving can be rewarding but it can also be very stressful as the elderly parent continues to decline or require more and more assistance. Being there when a loved one needs you is a common core value shared by Read More...

  • Falls and the Elderly

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    Falls and the Elderly

    "Proper footwear is an important defense against the risk of falling" One major consequence of growing older is the increased likelihood of falling. One of four people over age 65 falls each year. Falling once doubles your chance of falling again. Understanding the causes and implementing easy interventions, in conjunction with your medical team and family, can reduce or eliminate the risk of falling. Doing so important for the elderly as t Read More...

  • Risks for Alzheimer’s

    Mar 14, 17 • Health, Manor Moment1 Comment
    Risks for Alzheimer’s

    Risk factors have been identified to assess your risk of developing Alzheimer’s.  Some are uncontrollable, such as age, while others can be influenced by your choices. Uncontrollable Factors: Age - is the greatest known factor for Alzheimer’s.  One out of three people who are 85 or older have the disease. Family History - is another strong risk factor.  Those who have a parent or sibling with the disease is at a h Read More...

  • Sundowning

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    Sundowning is a neurological phenomenon associated with increased confusion and restlessness most commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but also found in those with other forms of dementia. The term "sundowning" was coined due to the timing of the patient's confusion as it typically occurs late in the day or early evening as the sun is setting. The symptoms may include increased confusion, anxiety, aggression, agitation and ignoring Read More...

  • When is it time to consider Assisted Living?

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    When is it time to consider Assisted Living?

    We often have family visit us here at Manor on the Hill and can see immediately in their eyes the stress of caring for an elderly parent. Moving Mom or Dad from their long-time home can be unsettling, however, making that move is often in their best interest. 30 days after moving in, we see Residents gaining weight since they are being served three nutritious meals a day and their mood improves as they socialize with others in their new home. Read More...